In Memory of a Terrific Dog and Family Member

                        4/1994 - 7/2006


The Labrador Retriever is the most gentle, people loving dog on the planet.  Max is certainly
a people dog and especially loves children.  However, he's not much of a watch dog.  Sure,
he'll bark when hears a noise or sees a stranger on the block but that's about it.  If they get
too close they are in for a wet smooch and a rousing hello.  Great visual deterrent though, he's
over 100 lbs and no need for a "Beware of the Dog" sign!  He's part of our family and we
sure like having him around to keep us company and entertained!


Max in his “I’m cute and smiley” pose.  Notice the pinned

backed ears, big smile and squinty eyes.  This is dog body
language for “how about a cookie!”